After just getting a new phone and watching the slow restore time for my sms messages, I decided it was time have a bit of a tidy up.

 I had  a search around for a tool which would trim my sms message history, but my searches didn't show up anything useful - please tell me if I have missed something obvious.

Not knowing much about programming Android I had an idea after all it is just simple data transformation. One of the utilities I used to transfer sms messages between phone was SMS Backup & Restore which writes its backup to an XML file, if I could read this file with something like Powershell, then maybe I could trim the older messages.

Also whilst searching I came across another useful utility which backs up your sms you your gmail account.

So here's what I did.

  1. Backup all sms to gmail using SMS Backup+
  2. Switch on flight mode - so that any new sms messages wouldn't get missed.
  3. Backup all sms to an XML file using SMS Backup & Restore
  4. Run my Powershell script over the sms backup file and create a copy with only the messages I want to keep.
  5. Delete all sms messages from the phone - if you don't the restore below leaves the old ones
  6. Use SMS Backup & Restore to restore the trimmed down message list


 Here's the Powershell file Powershell SMS


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